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WINAS SAVINGS AND CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED, formally Embu teachers Sacco limited, is a sasra-licenced, modern and fast- growing financial institution in Kenya. Established in 1977 to serve teachers in the larger Embu district, the society has rebranded and diversified its membership to effectively tap the economic potential in all viable sectors in the Kenyan markets and beyond.

Strategic Direction and Institutional Review

    • Vision

      "To be the ultimate leader in financial empowerment”
      This vision outlines what Winas Sacco wants to be and how it wants the world outside in which it operates to be. It is a long term view and highly futuristic. The vision is the Sacco’s source of motivation and aspiration as it moves confidently in pursuit of its strategic organizational goals.

    • Mission

      “To continually improve the socio-economic status of members and stakeholders by mobilising affordable,innovative and accessible financial services”
      This defines the fundamental purpose of Winas Sacco, succinctly describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision. It simply says what the Sacco does in its daily endeavors with a view of realizing the dream of being “the ultimate leader in financial empowerment”

    • Motto

      “United we progress"
      This is a carefully crafted phrase meant to formally summarize the general motivation and intention of winas Sacco as an organization that draws pride from unity of purpose by members and all other stakeholders.

    • Core Values

      These are our beliefs proudly shared among the stakeholders of winas Sacco. Values that drive the Sacco’s culture and priorities and provides a framework in which decisions are made.
      They are;

      • Transparency and accountability- As winas Sacco, we are committed to being transparent and accountable to our members at all time.

      • Professionalism- our staff and the board have always and shall always display professionalism in their work

      • Integrity- our members, staff and the board shall endeavor to exhibit integrity in conducting the affairs of the society.

      • Team work- as a society, we shall always uphold teamwork in order to achieve more together.

      • Customer satisfaction- our strength comes from our customers and we shall always work hard to satisfy them


The Sacco, in year 2012, took a landmark strategic move that saw it change its name from Embu teachers Sacco limited to winas Sacco ltd.  The Sacco society has cut a distinct market niche for itself becoming a strong financial powerhouse in Kenya. This is clearly evidenced by the level of confidence, satisfaction, loyalty and sense of ownership expressed by the Sacco’s general membership. Our greatest aim is to economically move the Sacco membership to the next level through our competitively designed and priced products and services.

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